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Ummm...let's see...OK...Pushed so hard on retirement age that I hit it two years ago...currently living in Fort Mohave, Arizona...about 1 mile from the point where Arizona, Nevada and California all meet (a point which is, appropriately, in the middle of a river...the Colorado River, to be precise). It's a nice little place...sort of a suburb for the metropolis of Bullhead City...gets upward toward 130 degrees in the summer...but it's a DRY heat... I was born in a small village called Los Angeles about...well, a few years ago. Raised in Southern California, Utah and Las Vegas...and at 17 joined the military, at which point the traveling thing really took off during a 30 year military career. However, I didn't want to deprive anyone of my presence, so I spent time in the Navy, the Air Force, the Army, some Reserve units and even one of the states' National Guard units. While doing this, I managed to live in about a dozen countries, visited a dozen more, lived in most of the states, and visited the ones I didn't live in... I've been married more than once...well, more than twice...well, all right, more than...anyway, I finally managed to figure out what I was doing wrong, corrected it, and married the right person...although I haven't quite figured out why she married me. I currently have 8 children, 2 natural, 4 adopted and 2 step-children. I also have 15 grandchildren, and some of THOSE children are old enough to have some of their own. Al in all, that makes me...about middle-aged. During this short lifetime, I have been gainfully employed (both in and out of the military) as a bagboy, draftsman, surveyor, building inspector, technical writer, photographer, medic, overnight stocker (Walmart), restaurant cook, restaurant manager, assembly line person, toy person (Toys-R-Us), technical illustrator, artist and computer type person. Fortunately, my current bout of dementia allows me to completely forget what sort of slave camp I currently labor in. OK...enough about me...on to the writing...and hey...what about you? Who are you?

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